I could tell you the worst of me … and then how far I’ve come; but haven’t you too?   I could tell you the best of me, of being self-taught in medical facilities management, negotiations, and development corporations and of being a single mom of two, now college graduates and amazing moms.  Did I mention five grandchildren?  Ah … now there’s some happiness for you!

After losing my significant other to the cancer that rocked him, I became very familiar with the fetal position. Talking to myself became a habit and one day I Googled “writing classes.”   It took only one day at the Woodstock Bookfest in New York to find my next open door, this time into a world of writers and poems, readings, and workshops.  I learned to write through a side door and the stories born through that door turned out to be the ones I dreamt about when I was a child.  

I’d like to take you to a few places I have been fortunate to be in, and to a few I barely survived.  It turns out that it’s easier when our stories are shared, and I am so grateful for you in my life.